Financial Advisors: Questions and Answers

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  • What can Retirement Essentials offer my business?

    Retirement Essentials’s staff is highly trained in the area of retirement plan IRS and Department of Labor compliance issues. Since these regulations change so often, it can be time consuming and expensive to continue to educate your staff in this area. Your business needs your staff to concentrate on the areas that you and they are experts in. Retirement Essentials can save your business the cost, hassle, and time spent in trying to keep your staff up to date in the retirement plan area. You may not have even suggested a retirement plan to your clients because of the ever changing rules. If that is the case, then your relationship with Retirement Essentials would be an added benefit to you and your clients.

    Retirement Essentials is not involved or trained in the investment area. We leave the investing up to the Employer or designated investment person.

    We would be the perfect compliment to your business.

  • How will Retirement Essentials work with my company?

    We are extremely flexible and can tailor our services to your specific needs. If you would rather just suggest a retirement plan to your clients and then have them deal directly with us, we can do that; but if you’d rather remain the focal point for all correspondence, then we would deal with you as your “back office” and provide all the third party administration for that client directly to you.

    What does my client receive for the fees that are paid to Retirement Essentials?

    Retirement Essentials, Inc. provides all required ERISA disclosures and a plan administration kit which contains the plan’s pertinent documents, forms, and procedures. We also provide quarterly valuation for 401(k) plans, annual valuation for other plans, compliance testing, contribution calculations, government reporting, IRS approved documents, and news and information concerning retirement plans. A pension specialist is assigned to each plan and is available to you at our 800 number for all of your questions and concerns.

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