PensionRetirement Essentials was created to provide business owners, financial professionals, and accountants with assistance in the selection, design, and operation of retirement plans that feature:

  • Flexible Plan Documents: More than 20 IRS-approved prototype plans, non-standardized prototypes, or individually-designed plan documents.
  • Professional Consulting: Retirement Plan Specialists with industry-acclaimed training and a combined total of over thirty years of experience.
  • Administrative Support: Non-discrimination and regulatory compliance testing, tracking of eligibility and vesting, participant recordkeeping, contribution calculations and allocations, and government reporting.

Retirement Essentials provides a menu of pension plan compliance services, including:

  • Limited, a la carte consulting, or administrative services
  • Plan documents services only
  • Full service administrative support package

With our services, you are never limited to a specific type of investment or investment company. You select the investments that you want for your plan. The trust investments may be directed by the Trustee, the Plan Participants, an investment manager, or a combination of all three.

Feel free to contact us on our toll-free number 1-800-297-6746 or by email to learn more about how Retirement Essentials can help you minimize internal administrative costs, and also reduce the stress and significant hidden costs in the event of a random audit by the IRS or Department of Labor.

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